Parent comments

"I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Happy Bookworm is the #1 Mommy & Me program in the area. An all encompassing experience with teachers that interact in a loving and nurturing way with both parents and little ones."

"I want to thank you ladies for what you do. Your class is well run and packed with learning and excitement. Riley really enjoyed it. It was a pleasure spending Friday mornings with you!"

"I signed my son up for the Happy Bookworm after a friend highly recommended it. It turned out to be an excellent choice. My son loved every minute of it."

"Marina and Rachel are simply wonderful. The class is small and they give each child individual attention. They are so engaging, attentive, caring, patient and sweet.  The children love them from the very first time."

"The content of the class is meticulously planned.  Every activity, toy, book, art project has been carefully chosen to tie in with the letter of the day."

"The structure of the class is perfect for the age group in the sense that the time devoted to each activity is appropriate for their attention span and level of interest.  It provides a creative outlet as well as an energy outlet allowing the children to learn while having fun."

"I absolutely recommend the Happy Bookworm to everyone I know.  Your child will greatly benefit from it while having a great time."

"Thank you Marina and Rachel for a wonderful experience."

"The Happy Bookworm is a great class for your child that incorporates everything from art, play, reading books, singing and playing instruments.  It is a well-rounded class that every child should experience at least once in their early childhood!"

"This class, facilitated by creative, caring, and experienced teachers is the perfect combination of story time, free play, art, music, and poetry, all related to a common theme each week.  One of the best classes available for children of this age!"

"We really enjoyed the class.  Your experience as teachers was obvious as you always had multiple activities available to meet the needs and interests of all children in the class."

"The Happy Bookworm is a wonderful class and I would highly recommend it to any parent who wants their child to have a fun, unique, and enriching experience."

"The best class I have taken!  Activities are brief and varied to keep the children focused and engaged.  Activities are also varied to reach all interests of the children."

"The teachers are very patient and kind.  They spent time getting to know and interacting with each child."

"This is the first class that my son really wants to go to (he has been to four other classes.)  He told me that he likes going to the Bookworm class."

"I liked the age appropriateness of all the activities and the craft, as well as the many transitions that kept their attention."

"I liked the playtime at the beginning of each class.  It gave my son the opportunity to settle into the class and to have some bonding time with the teachers.  He was able to take this time to warm up to everyone each week."

"This class introduced my son to many new experiences each week!  It also gave me, as the mom, the support to introduce these crafts and projects to him.  This class gave me a lot of new ideas of projects/crafts that I can try at home with him."