Bookworms Together (90 minutes)
Children explore a new book each week which becomes the theme and
features our letter of the day.  In addition, we play with educational toys,
have circle time, create an art project, learn a new poem and play musical
instruments.  This class also includes movement activities, games,
parachute time and snack.

Bookworms Together Express (60 minutes)
A shorter version of the Bookworms Together class which is still centered
around the book, along with a thematic art project and music activities.
Other activities are shortened and/or alternated to fit into the one hour
class. This class does not have snack.

Mini Bookworms Together (45 minutes)
A class for our youngest bookworms which introduces a book, educational
toys and music activities. This class does not include an art project or a

Independent Bookworms
A drop off class for those bookworms ready to learn on their own.  This is
an extension of the Bookworms Together class where letters and sounds
are explored in a greater capacity.  A more in depth circle time gets the
children ready for nursery school.

The Happy Bookworm, Inc.
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